The Head scarf or Head-tie has been among the African culture and society way back into the period when the early men walked upon the surface of Africa. vllkyt4u6qv491mp5.72ac6a09Probably this distinctive material worn over their heads have been seen  more as a cultural affliction and less of fashion, but today, the latter is one the  major reason while the Head wrap will forever be remembered. Africans generally have their own different headwraps and each has its own name associated with it. In South Africa and Namibia , the african  word ‘doek’ (meaning “cloth”) is used for the traditional head covering used among most elderly local women in rural areas. In other parts of the continent, terms like duku ( Malawi ,Ghana ), dhuku ( Zimbabwe ), tukwi ( Botswana ), and Gele ( Nigeria ) are used. The head scarf is used as an ornamental head covering or fashion accessory, or for functionality in different settings. Its uses or meaning can vary depending on the country or religion of those who wear it.
Gele-Tutorial-by-Faces-of-Bodin-Bellanaija-September2014053-56_001The GELE (another name for headscarf in Nigerian) is a traditional Nigerian Headwrap. It is worn during special occasions as an accessory to the traditional ‘iro’ (a wrap-around skirt) and ‘buba’ (a loose fitting blouse) or on an Ankara fabric. Gele is usually made out of heavy or stiff fabric that can be wrapped around the head or probably   used to form shapes.vllkyt1tlqakl96rhg.21d16eaa This GELE are mostly ‘Aso Oke’, an originally  ceremonial fabric woven locally in Nigeria and is made up of strands of cotton & silk. Aso Oke is also used to make Iro and Buba, but generally for very special occasions such as wedding dress, traditional birthday parties and other celebrations.
Photo credit: bellanaija sight of seeing a Nigerian woman tying the GELE is a sign of a special upcoming event or occasion. Women always seek the help of their counter part when trying to get these GELE on. After so much time of tying and wraping, the GELE finally stays leaving a ravishing look , The women looking like queens and the gele their crown.
unnamed-4For some women the gele means more than just a head-tie or scarf. To them, It’s the ultimate expression of femininity. The bright shades of the Gele and the glimmering metallics of the aso oke, are responsible for the glamorous look the gele brings, together with it’s empowering and confidence tribute it leaves on the wearer. The gele comes in different types and styles examples are the infinity pleat Ankara gele, the rose gele (known natively as the ascot), the Avant Garde gele known as abeke, the Turban style gelle etc. Other popular gele fabric includes
  • Aso-Oke Gele1473779027_298_Top-Ten-wedding-Gele-Styles-For-Brides-And-Guest
  • Embroidered Gele
  • Net-fabric gele, popularly known as Singele or Netted GeleHand-fan-gele-4
  • French lace Gele head-ties
  • Sego/ Zego Gele scarfsvllkyt5ji0uqtmn5f.6ab98f05
  • Damask Gele
  • The classic head-scarf brandstraditional-bridal-gele-inspiration-9
The gelle is a sign of social status and importance. It is   in ensence, the Nigerian woman’s crown. Today, the gele, much like Nigerian traditional culture has been revamped rejuvenated and  celebrated. This  explosion of creativity, combined with our innate cultural pride means that women are not only  treating the Gele as an accessory but something more, like the main focus of their attire. With more advance in production, the gele now comes in laser-cut , edge designs, beaded, two-tone effects, Swarovski-encrusted, hand-painted, embroidered, sequinned, polished  and lots more, Probably in any design you can think of. Gele tying is now a service provided by most make up artists and salons in Nigeria and across the world.
Double-gele-2.pngThe gele is becoming more and more significants both in Nigeria and beyond  as more Nigerian women take pride in their culture and traditions, and also have adopted the style due to it’s blend in the current fashion trend & lifestyle in Nigeria. The gele can be outlandish or demure, depending on who is tying it and for what occasion it is being worn.
 With the bold effects of the GELE on the Nigerian woman, there is no doubt that the gele is here to stay!.f7feed97a8ae752ee5f633d509889ab6
What are you waiting for, why not try the gele today?
what’s your take.

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