Fashion Friday: Simple Stylish wears for Campus/College Girls

Every Female Student in one way or another Must have encountered selection headache when trying to get that perfect Outfit for Class. Probably it’s normal to actually experience this, but how you handle it appropriately, undermining the lots of dresses, shoes and bags to look perfect at School.

Here are a few college outfit From to help you curb that selection headache.


CAMPUS WEAR 5How can College girls look trendy, stylish, fashionable and still be comfortable?  Attending lectures/classes is pretty much what a college life is wrapped around for any student apart from the other interesting side attractions. Guys have it easy when it comes to what to wear but with girls… it is a different kettle of fish. Girls always need something stylish and trendy, yet easy to wear outfits. I remember my days on campus, i simply wanted something comfortable that makes it easy to move in between running to catch a good sit for a lecture before the other 300 or so students; rush to the library to finish an assignment; go do a field work for a practical project; jump on the campus shuttle bus and so on. The thing uppermost on any girl’s mind is how to be stylish, smashing,  and able to get guys taking a double look…

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