Welcome to my first post!

NUEL and ELLA FASHION WORLD is a blog that is solely focused on fashion and everything else that has to do with fashion which include styles, code sense, dress sense, fashion celebrity review and a host of others. I am a blogger who is very passionate about fashion and all the strings attached with it. So I hope you enjoy my post, and I hope to get through your fears and thoughts on fashion. So seat back, grab a cup of coffee and fasten your seatbelts as I take you on an adventure into the fashion world.
Today we will be taking about fashion and style. What Fashion is truly all about and the role style play together with Fashion.

               What is Fashion
Well just like the way every word means different things to different people just so the word Fashion means a lot across different people.To some people the word Fashion simply means what we wear, that is our dresses. To others Fashion could also include your looks, body built, curves etc. To me it(Fashion) goes a long way from just what we wear to how we wear, why we wear and when we wear. It’s an integral part of human life.

Fashion is a popular way of dressing during a particular time or among a particular group of people. That means that its got covers on occasions and event .; it actually means Fashion could tell alot about you where you heading what weather or season and the festivity going on. So if you hit the gyms on your yoga pants or the tracklines with your sneakers , you definitely are inculcating Fashion and promoting it.

When we wear dress we actually send fashion signals and sense depending on who either fancies or like the way we appear.Remember you are addressed the way you dress, So Next time, before putting on that pair of jeans,that hat or that sneakers please think twice!!

                            What is styles
Styles is the manner, or way in which a particular thing is done, created or simply means a particular form or design of something or a way of doing things.
Fashion styles therefore is the way in which fashion is done,the designs and the particular way people perform or carry out fashion. To some people it doesn’t Matter if it’s an elegant blue which is meant to accompany a dark pair of jeans or a white Scottish trousers, all they are after its that they have cloths on Your Fashion style is an integral part of you, it tells more about you and about your personality. Your boldness, beauty , simplicity or coolness lies in your fashion style.So I urge you to take time to inculcate who you are in what you wear and how you wear what you wear. Be aware that it doesn’t cost anything to put the right dress or the better clothing or the perfect wear, all you need is a nice fashion style, fashion sense and a little of  who you really are inside.

When you  attract the attention of people due to the way you dress then take a good look at these people and know that they are not after the extravagant clothing but rather the picture of the person you are painting and portraying in the clothes you have won. Moreover the way and manner you dress, the way you put in your design and what you wear together sums up to your fashion style.

So step out today with your fashion style and go rock your world. Remember you only attract who you are , what your are, and who you tell people you are. The only way to attract the right people, respect and treatment is to dress the Right way with your fashion style.

Thanks for reading through if you have a question or comments feel free to use the comment box. Hope you enjoyed my post. Till next time I urge you to keep your fashion style cool and rocking!!


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